2000 Greg Smallman
Top: Cedar Back & Sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Scale: 650mm • Origin: Australia
Price: SOLD

Every once in a while a Smallman turns up that is just head and shoulders above the norm. This is one of those Smallmans. Virtually unplayed, and owned since new by a friend of mine who is also a luthier, it is in literally new condition, just flawless, not a single sign of prior ownership. The woods are beautiful and the guitar comes with a gorgeous custom made wooden case as Greg used for years. The case is a work of art itself!

However, it is the tone and volume of this guitar that set it above the usual. Volume, this guitar IS volume! Smallman’s are known for their superior volume and this one exemplifies why, just mind boggling blow the hair back on your head, in your face LOUD.

But what good is loud without beauty? I am the first to admit, not every Smallman blows me away in this department. Some I have heard can sound a bit 'drummy' or even 'nasal', but this guitar is a delight. Full, rich, round piano like sound rolls effortlessly from the strings with a tone that is as beautiful as it is unique. If you have a mental idea of what a great Smallman should sound like, this guitar IS that sound.

A wonderful Smallman in pristine condition.

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