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2002 FLETA
Top: Cedar • Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
Scale: 650mm • Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This guitar is the result of months of negotiations with a dear friend in Europe, culminating with the hand delivery of this guitar at a price that I feel is well below true market value.

The guitar is in ‘near mint’ condition and the sound is pure Fleta, exceedingly warm and highly inviting, not too dark yet not at all bright, really a perfect balance and blend. This guitar has ‘that Fleta sound’ that can only be described with those three words. The quintessential Spanish guitar in the opinion of many highly regarded players and collectors. This instrument is very comfortable to play, even for a player like myself with small hands. A pure delight to listen to. An hour with this guitar will leave no doubt in your mind why these guitars continue to be so prized. During a time when the trends seem to be towards louder and more powerful, Fleta’s like this remind us that tonal beauty is it’s own reward.

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