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2006 Custom Robert Ruck Classical
Just Arrived!
Top: Cedar - Sides & Back: Indian Rosewood
Scale: 650mm - Origin: USA - Price: inquire

This guitar recently found a new home, but interest was so widespread that I asked Robert to create a similar guitar in this style with these features. The new guitar, due in late January of 2007 will be similar in many respects. It will not have sound ports, but is reinforced so that they may be added later at any time, and the back and sides will be of superb quality Cocobolo wood. Please contact me if you would like to arrange for first right of preview.

Just arrived. As indicated below this guitar was a special collaboration between Robert and myself. It is a magical guitar, and perhaps the finest example of Robert's work that he has sent me over the years (and that folks, is saying a lot). The Indian Rosewood is more beautiful than much of the Brazilian I see these days, just exquisite wood. The Rodgers tuners are as flawless to operate as they are beautiful to look at, just divine. Once you use them, you can't go back to "regular" tuners. Robert added a raised finger board, seamlessly executed, to provide increased access to the lower frets as well. The dual sound ports, produce a 'stereophonic' effect for the player that is immensely pleasing, and which Manuel Barrueco comments "provide the player with an additional option". (on the rare occasion that you do not wish to use the ports, Robert has provided Rosewood plugs to fit in the ports). The volume of this instrument rivals that of many Lattice braced and double top guitars that I see, in a word: excellent volume and projection. Sound quality is superb, as one would expect, complex and exquisite, warm and clear, well balanced and very 'liquid' in its beauty. I asked Robert to build me the best guitar he could, using the finest woods and features that he had at his disposal. He did exactly that. An instant masterpiece from one of America's finest Luthiers.

Imagine if you could some how get around the fact that Robert has closed his waiting list. Or imagine that you have waited on the list for the usual ten years and now it is your turn to order a guitar. The time has come, you get to actually order a new Ruck, custom made, just for you. Then imagine asking Robert this question" if money was no object, and you could design for me the very best and most exciting guitar that you could imagine, with any and all features that you want to add, what would you design for me?" Well I posed just such a question to Robert when it was time to order this guitar. Here is what he designed:

Robert suggested building a guitar patterned after his wildly popular and highly sought after guitars of the early 70's, similar in design to the 70's Ruck that Manuel Barrueco has used extensively. The effect would be as if you were able to transport yourself back in time and have Robert build you a brand new "70's" style guitar. One has only to listen to any Barrueco CD recorded when using his 70's Ruck to appreciate why these instruments are so universally desired. The back and sides will be of fine quality Indian Rosewood, and the top of well seasoned Cedar for warmth, sustain, and excellent volume. The tuners, only the finest of course-Rodgers, hand crafted in England, stunningly beautiful, and impeccably smooth and accurate. Playability will be enhanced by the thoughtful addition of a raised fingerboard, allowing for improved access to all the lower frets. The back and sides are to be finished in high quality lacquer, for protection against scratching and moisture, while the Cedar top will be flawlessly French Polished in order to enhance every potential for the soundboard to maximize the unhindered production of tone and volume. Finally, sound ports are strategically placed, which provide an amazing 'stereo' like sound envelope surrounding the player. This feature is so pleasing that Robert reported "later guitars I have sent to Manuel have the acoustic ports, and he has stated that they give the player another option to customize the sound to a particular playing situation". And the final touch, custom Rosewood plugs to fit in the sound ports so that if you elect not to use them at any time, they can be closed with a wood that flows beautifully with the rest of the guitar.

This incredible custom instrument is scheduled for delivery in early June, and in my opinion will be an 'instant classic', representing an extraordinary effort by one of the worlds finest and most respected luthiers. An uncommon opportunity for the most discriminating and demanding player.

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