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2007 Philip Woodfield-Lattice Braced Concert guitar
Lattice Braced European Spruce
Back and Sides: 50 year old Honduras Rosewood
Finish: French Polish
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England
Price: SOLD

This guitar recently found a new home but I am expecting a new Spruce Lattice and a new Cedar Lattice in early 2007, please contact me for details or to arrange for first right of preview.

This guitar is a monster! Take everything Philip is known for: exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful detail, and gorgeous tone, then pump it all up on steroids! This lattice brace design produces great volume, highly dynamic range, and great tonal versatility. Even the slightest change in the angle of attack produces an immediate tonal response from the instrument. Philip has managed to embrace the power that a lattice braced guitar is capable of, without sacrificing the traditional feeling of the tone as some contemporary guitars can do. The top is Spruce, and the back and sides are 50 year old Honduras Rosewood, long considered by many Spanish builders to be the only viable alternative for Rio Rosewood, and itself becoming very scarce. The binding edges are of rare and expensive snakewood, and the Sloane tuners have been fitted with custom Ebony buttons by the maker. All these features combine to produce an expressive instrument with a beautiful and unique tone that is almost as pleasurable to look at as it is to play. If your taste leans toward lattice braced instruments, this guitar will entice you.

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