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2007 Antonio Marin Montero
Back and sides: 50 year old Brazilian Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This is a very special Marin, acquired from me by a good client last year, who now sadly must sell this guitar. It is in absolute like new hardly played condition.

I first saw the stunning Brazilian for this guitar while visiting Antonio in his workshop. When I inquired about it he explained that it was over 50 years old and he had been saving it for a very special guitar, as it was the very last set of this wood that he had left. I asked him if he would do me a huge favor, in light of all the years we have worked together, and build me a guitar using this wood. He smiled and said 'of course'. When it arrived and I saw it finished and polished I was even more 'wowed' than when I saw it raw. It is just beautiful.

As you might expect it is an elegant and entirely exemplary Marin guitar. Although still not really played in yet it already has opened up and is hinting at what is to come, beautiful soulful basses and melodic trebles combine to create the heartfelt emotional sound that Marin's are known for.

This is a very special Marin, one that will not be duplicated.

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