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NEW Andreas Kirschner
Spruce Double Top
Top: Spruce Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Graf
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD


While there are fantastic guitar builders all over the world, somehow we all understand what someone means when they refer to that 'Spanish sound', the Spanish just have captured some mystical 'aura' that we all identify with Spain. Likewise the Germans have somehow accomplished much the same phenomenon with double tops. While there are a few fine double top builders in other countries, there is a definite 'German double top sound' that you find in the German double tops that is highly evocative, not surprisingly, of Dammann, given his huge influence on double top builders all over the world but especially in Germany. Through my relationship with the finest German double top builders, and other significant figures in the German guitar world, I have for years been keeping a watchful eye out for any highly talented builder of double tops in that country. For years, nothing, but eventually my patience was rewarded when I was introduced to two very talented German double top builders, one of whom was Andreas Kirschner.

Andreas has been building for years, and he came to my attention through a close friend of mine, an individual with impeccable taste and understanding of what is present in a fine double top. He was very excited about introducing these guitars to me, and I am so thankful that he did.

I was all the more excited when Andreas told me he would be sending me a Spruce double top! I am a huge fan of double tops, and while the vast majority are built in Cedar, the Spruce guitars are just out of this world if you are a spruce lover. One of my own personal double top guitars is a Spruce Dammann for example, that Matthias was kind enough to build for me after a LONG wait :-) . When this Spruce double top arrived I just by luck happened to have Spruce double top guitars in the shop also from Dammann, Ruck and Redgate, so this guitar found itself in some very high level company. You know what? It felt right at home in the mix.

This guitar has a fine Spruce voice, with a beautiful but subtle complexity to it, and double top level power, notes are clean and clear, and the separation of the individual voices is pure and yet melodical. It has that 'something' that a fine German double top has, and which you also can't quite describe. Beautiful trebles, and delightful basses, while also very relaxing to play. The aesthetics are beautiful, the Graf tuners of course are flawless, and the elevated Fret board and twelve hole tie block complete a classically beautiful instrument with everything one seeks in a top level double top instrument.

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