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New Jakob Lebisch Cedar/Double top
Top: Cedar/Double top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Price: $9,950

This extraordinary double top found a new home, I am hoping for a new Lebisch however, please contact me for details...

Jakob continues to prove that Germany is 'the' home of some of the finest double top builders on the planet. He recently moved to a new shop ( congratulations Jakob!) and he continues not only to build mind boggling double tops with their own beautiful modern aesthetic, but also continues his studies at the conservatory and is a fine player himself. I like how he describes his passion for building and playing which is captured in this quote from him where he writes that he is captivated by the 'colors' of the guitar or 'simply the indescribable thing that is able to touch you and the listener in this special almost magical way... that can trigger sadness and joy at the same time and is so inherent in the classical guitar as a musical instrument."

This guitar arrived when I had the good fortune to have several very fine double tops in the shop, including two Dammann's, so I was able, to really do an intense " A vs B " with all the guitars. I was blown away with how Jakob's guitar sounded and performed, really quite incredible. Jakob has chosen his own path in double top design and prefers not to use nomex, instead utilizing thin strips of wood as the core layer. This gives his double tops a unique and wonderfully 'woody' character while at the same time allowing this guitar to possess all the attributes expected of guitars these days, excellent response to the lightest touch, powerful robust volume and projection, and a lovely soul stirring voice.

I would add to the above regarding this particular instrument that Jakob is on a trajectory to become a world renowned double top builder in my opinion, very talented and skilled young man. He reminds me of the time I met, many years ago, a young and talented builder, unknown at that time, named Jim Redgate. I felt that Jim would be a world recognized builder one day, and it was a delight to see that actually unfold. I predict the same future for young Jakob. This is just a really fine double top with a gorgeous voice.

Like most fine double top builders, Jakob has built, and still builds, superb solid top fan braced guitars. And also like the best double top builders he is able to 'add to' what the traditional style guitars bring to the table, retaining and enhancing the lovely voice while also bringing the wider dynamic range, superb response, and excellent and much desired volume that a fine double top brings to the instrument. Lovely



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