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NEW Casimiro Lozano Cedar / Double Top
Top: Cedar/ Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Spain
Price: $5,950

This fine Lozano double top has found a new home but I am hoping for another one later this year..

Visiting Casimiro is always a delight, tucked away in a small village midway between Madrid and Granada, he is the quintessential Spanish host, gregarious, easy to laugh and dedicated to his art. While I am there I will select the best woods, and he sets them aside for my guitars, something I really appreciate. In addition, when I am not able to go, my very dear friend who is a concert artist in Europe, has agreed to ‘test play’ every guitar for me before it is sent to me, to insure that only the ‘best of the best’ of Casimiro’s work finds it’s way into my shop for my clients.

For many years Casimiro built traditional Spanish fan braced solid top guitars. Eventually however he discovered a patented modified fan braced system that was just amazing and he used this system for many years and they were very popular in my shop. Ultimately however, a few years ago, I asked Casimiro if he would consider exploring double tops and being the curious builder he is, he agreed to do just that. Now he has been building fine double tops for several years and they are so great that I no longer order his traditional guitars or patented ‘system guitars’ as good as they are, because I so much prefer the double tops he builds!

This guitar is built from excellent, hand selected woods, is super easy to play almost like a Flamenco, and has great volume and a lovely ‘spanish influenced’ voice, I like it very much and in my opinion for those ever increasing number of players who prefer double tops, but have a more modest budget, this guitar is the perfect option, a very fine double top at a price, by double top standards, that is highly affordable, a nice, and difficult to achieve combination.

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