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1977 Daniel Friederich Cedar/Fan Braced
Top: Cedar/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: France
Price: SOLD

Daniel Friederich has a reputation as one of the worlds finest builders with an almost "Bouchet-like" mystical reputation for the magical qualities in his guitars. As you know he built mainly in spruce until around1973 or so when he switched to Cedar, later building in both woods. This guitar from his 'Cedar Period' is simply divine. Friederich experimented a lot with his guitars, so much so that one could almost argue that no two of his guitars are exactly the same. So the search for a 'great' Friederich is really a 'guitar-by-guitar' search more than saying 'this era or that era' was his best. Each guitar is simply unique and stands on its own attributes.

This guitar was owned by a fine player and professor of guitar in Europe. He carefully searched for the perfect Friederich for a long time, and ultimately played 10 Friederich guitars before luckily finding this one, and it was love at first 'note'. Hands down the best of the ten he had played and so he jumped at the chance to buy it then and has had it for quite some time until now, when I am fortunate to offer it to you.

The guitar was re-fretted and re-polished by a well known luthier at the request of the current owner. In fact it appears to have been so conservatively re-polished that if you hold the guitar up and look very closely and wiggle it in just the right light, you can even see the areas where much of the old polish remains. However when viewing normally the guitar looks nearly new and absolutely gorgeous.

So, let's get to the most important bit, the sound. I had the good fortune to have a very good player in the shop when this guitar arrived, and while I worked on the computer, he sat in the background playing this guitar. The voice was so beautiful and so haunting and rich that I found it hard to concentrate on my work as I was constantly almost 'compelled' to listen to the rich, elegant, expressive notes emanating from the guitar. It was so beautifully distracting that I eventually just gave up even trying to get any work done, spun my chair around and just soaked it all in.

This is a lovely sounding and beautiful example of a fine Friederich for the discriminating player.


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