Guitar Cases - A variety of cases to protect your investment.

Black ‘chipboard’ guitar case

An inexpensive basic case of chipboard. Provides protection from scratches and moisture, but sides are flexible, guitar fit is loose. Mainly good for light duty.
TKL molded plastic case

Sturdy lightweight moulded plastic case with soft lining and a full neck cradle and four latches. Much more protection than the Chipboard case, not quite as sturdy or as soft inside as the Leather grained TKL, but a very good all purpose case at an affordable price.
Very Good
TKL ‘leather grained’ Classical/Flamenco Guitar case

Sturdy black with "leather grain" finish outside and plush velvet lining inside. Good snug fit with a single neck cradle and three latches. Excellent case providing very good protection.
SKB molded plastic case

Black molded sturdy plastic case with plush velvet lining and a full length neck cradle. Excellent seal provided by interlocking metal rim around opening. Four latches for secure close, excellent fit.
Classical /Flamenco guitar case
$ 200

Our best case, four latches, double arched (top and bottom are arched to provide additional clearance and protection for the guitars delicate soundboard and back), full length neck cradle, suitable for the finest guitars, plush lined.

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