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2008 Manuel Bellido Blanca - ARRIVING SOON
Top: Spruce
Back and Sides: Spanish Cypress
Scale: 650mm with zero fret
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

These are truly unique guitars. All the greats in Spain seem to own or have owned a Bellido including Tomatito, Pepe Habichuela, and even Vicente Amigo has ordered them. They are really special guitars and yet oddly ‘gypsy’ like in the sense that they have a truly ‘hand-hewn’ feel to them. The French polish is thinner almost matt like instead of the mirror like gloss of many guitars and the woodwork, particularly around the bridge is rough ala Gernundino, imparting an almost vintage instrument feel to this new guitar. It has a very earthy, no frills look and feel, no shiny prima-donna, but a rough around the edges work horse that only cares about one thing: Flamenco. They have an equally earthy growl and a tonal character that is like no other Flamenco Blanca, at once sounding as at home with a beautiful solo as it is with a raunchy Bulerias. I recently had dinner with Manuel and his son while in Granada ordering this guitar. Manuel himself is like his guitars, jovial, robust, earthy and old fashioned. No wonder these guitars are so popular in Spain.

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