1961 Archangel Fernandez “Blanca”
Top: Spruce
Back and Sides: Cypress
Scale: 660mm
Tuners: Pegs
Origin: Spain
Price: $13,950

This exceptional Arcangel has found a new home, if you are looking for a fine Arcangel please contact me…

Last I heard Arcangel was enjoying the good life, retired in the Canary Islands, and I hope that is still true, he deserves it. Arcangel’s guitars are legendary and prized amongst Flamenco players as the Hope Diamond might be prized amongst jewelers. They are among the small list of guitars almost deified by Flamenco players for many years. When I last had dinner with Arcangel in Madrid he told me that with the exception of the last Blanca and Negra he made for me personally, he had not built a Flamenco in almost 15 years, so there are really very few Arcangel’s around, certainly fewer than Reyes, his ‘friendly rival’.

So I am very pleased to offer this Blanca to the discriminating player or collector. The guitar is in remarkable shape, I could find no evidence of any repairs or cracks on the top or back when exploring with my mirror, looks brand new in there. The golpeadores were replaced at some point and the guitar appears to have been expertly re-polished at some point so it looks near new. I do not see any evidence of sanding during the re-poslish process, it seems the polish was just added which is good news.

Likely because of that, the sound remains quintessential ‘Arcangel’, glittering, lyrical, but still Flamenco, singing or biting as the player chooses, everything that has raised them to iconic status.

A fine vintage Arcangel, in lovely condition...



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