Note: Classic Guitars International offers only the top-of-the-line “Sentinal” flight case. Karura offers a lower cost option that is made of different material and is heavier than the Sentinal, call for information.

Please read through the items below, make your selections as directed, when finished go to the ‘order form’ page to complete and submit your order. Delivery is generally 4-6 weeks from order confirmation date.

1) Select Custom Fit/ or Standard size:

a) Standard Size:  I try to stock several standard size Karura Sentinal cases which are generally available for immediate delivery. Many classical and flamenco guitars fit very well in the standard case. The dimensions listed below are the maximum dimensions that can be accommodated by the standard size case. If your guitar is larger, or significantly smaller than these dimension, a custom fit would be recommended.                                            

Maximum guitar dimensions to fit in standard size case
Body length
total length
upper bout
mid bout
lower bout
depth (max)

b)  Custom Fit: If you need, or prefer, a custom fit case, click here to download the ‘flight case order form’ which will provide instructions so that you can easily measure your guitar for this purpose. If you have any questions about this procedure please feel free to call me and I can assist you over the phone, or via email. Simply follow the instructions on the form, take the required measurements and make a tracing as instructed.

After you have selected the options you want by reading this “ Options/ordering”  page, you will be able to submit all those options and the measurements,on the electronic order form provided by clicking the button above labeled “Order form”. On the order form you will be advised to create a tracing of your guitar if you selected the ‘custom fit’ option. The tracing you make should be sent to me at Classic Guitars International, 3463 State Street #200, Santa Barbara, CA 93105               

2) Interior velvet color: The standard interior is raspberry red with a white Karura logo. Black velvet is often available as a standard color as well, please inquire if you prefer black. Other velvet colors may be available, please contact me if you have a preference. I find the standard raspberry red, and black to be very appealing to most clients.

3) Select exterior color: The standard finish is a color infused gelcoat which comes in clear (showing carbon fiber underneath), black and white. The standard finish has a polished sheen and shows inherent composite material patterns. For an additional fee, an optional “Allure” finish provides a beautifully smooth and lustrous surface finish which adds to the elegance of the case. The allure finish is produced by eliminating all visible composite material patterns and applying a high quality 2-pak coating. The “Allure” finish is available in standard black and white and other optional colors. it is not available in clear. When you place your order using the “order form” button, you will have the option of selecting standard finish, or the allure finish.

4) Case covers:  I highly recommend purchasing a case cover. Case covers are available in a variety of colors ( see ‘order form’) and protect the finish and beauty of the case while simultaneously providing additional thermal and shock insulation. Receive a 20% discount on the cost of the case cover if ordered at the same time as your case.

5) Handles and straps: Each case includes a durable leather handle and nylon shoulder strap. The beauty and comfort of your case may be enhanced with a uniquely patterned, hand tooled soft black leather shoulder strap. Leather straps may be ordered on the ‘Order form” page.

6) Prices: Prices do NOT include California state sales tax (if you are a California resident), International duty ( for US deliveries duty is included, all other international sales duty is not included). Shipping not included.

7) Time to order! At this point you have all the information you need to place your order. Click on the “order form” button and make your selection. I usually have standard cases in stock. Custom fit cases on average are delivered in 4-6 weeks. If you have any questions, or need any assistance please contact me and I’ll be glad to help. The Karura light weight musicians flight case, particularly when combined with a quality case cover, provides the ultimate protection for your fine guitar.

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