Karura Technology

CONSTRUCTION: Karura cases use the same sophisticated high-tech carbon fiber construction that is used in the competitive yachting and aeronautical industries. The Karura construction is expensive, but it pays off by yielding a very strong system. The Karura construction consists of 100% high strength carbon fiber cloth (not a Kevlar blend!) covered with Gelcoat, a patented structural foam core, and an additional layer of high strength carbon fiber cloth, all infused with a durable impact resistant resin. Karura uses the vacuum infusion process to reduce the emissions and thus produce perfectly formed components every time.

INDEPENDENT LABORATORY REPORTS: Test method: Karura cases were tested by and independent recognized agency using a Universal Testing Machine (Instron Model 4206) with a crosshead rate of 5mm/min at a temperature of 23 +/- Celcius. The following results show the pressure (compression) placed on the case and the level of deflection resulting. Note:  1,000 Kg is more than one TON of compression! (results listed pertain to the Karura “Sentinal” model):

Compression Deflection
50kg 1.92mm
350kg  (rough equivalent of 5 persons standing on the case)  6.64mm
700kg 10.49mm
1000kg  (rough equivalent of a small car parked on the case!) 14.49mm
Note: 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds
25.4mm     =  1 inch

DROP TESTS: Drop tests were performed and recorded by the manufacturer, and independent agency tests are scheduled to confirm these excellent results. A single case was used with a classical guitar placed inside. The strings on the guitar were tightened as much as possible to produce the most stress on the guitar. The cases, with the guitar inside, was then dropped a total of 16 times, 8 different angles at 1 meter, and 8 different angles from a height of 2 meters. The same case and guitar was used for all tests. There was absolutely no damage to the guitar from any of these tests.

Weight: The Karura Sentinal light weight musician’s flight case weighs between 4.3 and 4.5 kg, or just over 9 pounds!

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