Karura guitar cases: the world's strongest light-weight guitar cases!
Now available for your steel string guitars too!

Karura guitar cases, the world's strongest light weight guitar cases

• The strongest light-weight guitar case in the world.

• Independent laboratory tested to withstand more than ONE TON (1,000 kgs) of crush force.

• Constructed of the same ultra-sophisticated high tech carbon fiber as used in the competitive yachting and aeronautical industries. (Not the much weaker carbon fiber/Kevlar blend)

• Sandwiched between the outer and inner layer of super strong Carbon Fiber is a patented structural foam core which provides superior thermal and impact protection.

• Excellent water resistant seals throughout.

• Beautiful finish in black, white or carbon fiber.

• Weighs only 4.5 Kgs!

No guitar case that I am aware of has been tested by independent certified agencies to withstand 2,000 lbs (1 ton!) of crush resistance.

No other case, that I am aware of, has been subjected to drop tests, with a guitar inside, from heights of 2 meters at 8 different angles with no damage to the guitar inside.

No wonder builders with such discriminating standards as Greg Smallman use Karura cases.

Classical "Sentinal" Karura cases
Standard model: This is the tried and tested 'sentinal' model I have sold for years.
Price $1,295 plus shipping

Classical Karura case "Artist Touring Case"
This was developed by Ana Vidovic, Jim Redgate, myself and Karura specifically for traveling artists. As Airlines and baggage handlers have become more and more careless with our guitars (we've all heard the horror stories) we felt the need to create an 'uber case'. We took the slightly larger Karura Sentinal case shell designed for steel string guitars, and this allowed for a significant increase in padding within the case shell. Ana is currently using this version of the case for her thousands of miles of traveling. If you do a lot of travel/touring, this is the case I recommend for you. Slightly larger than the standard Karura classical case, and weighs about 1 lb more.
Price $1,395 plus shipping

Steel String Cases:
Same design as the Classical "Sentinal " Case but slightly larger to accommodate steel string guitars. Price $1,395 plus shipping.

If you are visiting this site then you already know that I am blessed with the good fortune to represent the finest Luthiers in the world. My clients have continuously expressed an interest obtaining the very best protective cases for the superb instruments in which they have invested, and this led me to a two year long quest for the best case in the world. None of the cases on the market currently seem to possess the combination of strength and light weight that my clients were seeking. They might be strong but heavy, or light but not strong enough, and so on. One day I received a newer Greg Smallman guitar and it was housed in a clearly superior case. The more I learned about this case, the more I became convinced that Greg had found what I had been looking for-the best case in the World. The Karura light weight guitar case.

The more I discovered, the more impressed I became. Other cases use fiberglass which is relatively weak, and quite heavy by comparison. Or, they use a simple arrangement of lower priced/lower strength impregnated carbon/Kevlar mat which has a relatively lower crush resistance. In contrast, Karura cases use the same sophisticated high-tech carbon fiber construction that is used in the competitive yachting and aeronautical industries. The Karura construction is expensive, but it pays off by yielding a very strong system.

The Karura construction consists of 100% high strength carbon fiber cloth (not a weaker Kevlar blend!) covered with Gelcoat, a patented structural foam core, and an additional layer of high strength carbon fiber cloth all infused with a durable impact resistant resin. Karura uses the vacuum infusion process to reduce the emissions and thus produce perfectly formed components every time. The result of this effort is the strongest light weight guitar/flight case that you will find in my opinion.

Cases can be ordered in standard or custom fit configurations. A highly accurate custom fit is achieved by utilizing Karura’s extensive measurement form in combination with a body tracing. All cases are entirely hand made to deliver a perfect fit. The interior cradles the guitar on patented ultra foam cushion beds, surrounding the guitar so it literally floats in this protective zone which insulates it from temperature extremes- while absorbing even violent shocks or drops. Interlocking Rubber gaskets, hinges and lockable catches create a virtually impenetrable seal between the two halves of the case. While not even very heavy fully metallic cases used by touring musicians can guarantee no damage will ever occur to an instrument, when it comes to a light-weight case like the Karura, no other case in its class provides more protection from damaging crush forces.

I highly recommend a case cover, although not required, that adds protection for the case finish as well as additional thermal and impact protection for the instrument inside.

Do you homework as I did, and I am confident that you will reach the same conclusion: These are simply the best light-weight carbon fiber cases in the world. Please use the navigation buttons at the top of this page to read about finish/color options and for easy to follow instruction about how to place an order. Any questions? Feel free to contact me...

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