Casimiro Lozano – Spain

Powerful and refined composite ( double ) top guitars from Spain…

When a close friend and concert artist told me he had basically ‘retired’ his Fleta because he enjoyed his Lozano guitar for concerts so much, I admit I was a bit skeptical. Now after hearing many Lozano guitars I understand completely why he made this choice. These guitars have the excellent power expected in lattice and double top guitars, but retaining the essential tonal beauty of a fine traditional Spanish guitar…

I was introduced to Casimiro Lozano a few years ago by a good friend and concert artist in Europe who was raving about his guitars. At that time he was still building primarily traditional fan braced guitars that had beautiful tone. Eventually however he focused on building composite/double tops. After much experimentation he found he was creating concert guitars that retained all their lush Spanish personality but with extremely robust volume akin to what I expect from a fine lattice braced or double top guitar. It was at this juncture that my concert artist friend called to tell me that he was basically retiring his Fleta from concerts, and primarily playing his new, double top Lozano.

Casimiro was born in 1954. By 1969, at the young age of 15, he began working in the shop of Vicente Carillo which was then being run by his widow. He worked with several guitar builders in the shop during that time and eventually became foreman of the entire shop. Finally, in 1992 he opened his own shop where he still works alone today, completing every guitar from start to finish without any help at all. He is a tirelessly committed craftsman, often working until very late at night, and when you watch him work you can sense his deep love and passion for what he is doing.

Casimiro followed a successful and interesting path to his current guitars, building first Fleta inspired fan braced guitars. This was followed by his adoption of a patented modified fan braced system, or simply called ‘the system’ now which were and continue to be highly sought after. The past few years he, like many builders, was inspired by the superb double tops of Dammann and others and began to build double top guitars. As a dealer who plays/hears/sells more double tops than anybody in the world, I am happy to offer Casimiro’s fine double tops along with those of the other superior double top builders I represent.

A dedicated luthier, who loves his art, and who provides excellent double top guitars at a very affordable price, a hard combination to find.