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1973 Ignacio Fleta cedar/fan braced

Top: Cedar/fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

As everybody knows, Maestro John Williams played Fleta well into the 1970’s and Fleta’s became, and still are, synonymous with clear precise melodic notes filled with colors. That description perfectly fits this guitar. Most superior guitars are described as sounding like a human voice. This, she sounds like a whole Choir….

With the exception of the tuners the guitar presents as entirely original, and with the exception of two string marks below the tie block is in amazing condition with not even a nail mark to mar the top. The owner states the finish is original, and if you hold it in just the right light you can in fact ascertain the telltale fine spiderweb-like, very fine ‘age crazing’ that would tend to confirm this.

An absolutely incredible Fleta….

1973 Ignacio Fleta cedar/fan braced