1974 Arcangel Fernandez “Negra”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This flawless Arcangel Negra has found a new home, if you are seeking an Arcangel please give me a call…

I have the good fortune to count Arcangel as a friend, and he honored me recently by building me a new Blanca and a new Negra that are truly wonderful Flamenco guitars. Besides these two new Arcangel’s of my own I have had many fine Arcangel’s in the shop, so I have a very good understanding of his guitars, but it is very very rare for a Negra to become available. I can’t recall seeing another Arcangel Negra available anywhere for quite some time, the owners of these guitars just rarely seem to be able to part with them. So I am very pleased to offer this beautiful Arcangel Negra from 1974. The guitar has been flawlessly re-polished by “Maestro” Yuris Zeltins, who performed such fine work on the guitar that to my eyes it looks exactly as it must have the day Arcangel first finished it some 36 years ago. Just beautiful.

This guitar is much like my own Arcangel Negra, only much more open at this point as it is nicely played in and mature. Whereas Reyes strives for a punchy delivery with strong fundamental notes present, Arcangel has always been praised for his lyrical and musical guitars that have divine overtones and complexity. This Negra is like that, well balanced, very open and played in, SUPER easy and comfortable feel to the action, really I mean ‘perfect’, nice sustain and still it is definitely a Flamenco 100%.

A rare and wonderful guitar from one of the best Flamenco builders on Earth, in fact many attribute the very first Negra’s ever built to the ones built by Arcangel in the late 50’s, nobody has been building Negra’s longer, and many say, nobody builds them better.

1974 Arcangel Fernandez "Negra"