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1981 Daniel Friederich No. 530 Cedar/Fan braced

Top: Cedar/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: France
Price: $34,950

Perhaps you remember the mint like new 2011 Friederich I sold earlier this year? Just lovely to look at (and of course to play and hear). This 1981 is equally as lovely to view, appearing ’new’ but a more accurate description would be ‘restored to new condition’. My client purchased the guitar originally from a dealer in France who stated the finish was ‘maintained’, my guess is that someone did a fine job of refinishing the guitar and likely removed some signs of playing wear in doing so because the guitar was professionally played, but this is purely a guess, if there was playing wear, only a couple signs of it remain at this time.

She was originally owned and played by Argentinian player Roberto Aussel who reportedly recorded several CD’s using this guitar while recording in Paris. Apparently Aussel, or a subsequent owner had back problems and so played with a guitar strap to aid in their comfort, and installed a small strap pin which remains, though it could easily be removed.

There is a well cleated repaired crack on the back, no cracks in the top. Top is of fine grained Cedar and back and sides are of some of the most elegant Indian Rosewood I have seen. She comes with a new Visesnut case, tuners are original.

She has nice sustain though she arrived with a new set of strings, I do not know the brand, and if she were mine I think I would experiment with a different treble string as the current set gives the basses a bit more power and presence than the trebles, I think a different set of trebles would have a more even balance, aside from that note she is a Friederich, what more really needs to be said?

1981 Daniel Friederich No. 530 Cedar/Fan braced