2004 Conde Hermanos “Felipe V”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This excellent Conde has found an appreciative new home, if you are seeking a fine Flamenco Negra or Blanca please call me…..

This is a mint, like new, Felipe V Negra, the flagship model of the ever popular Conde shop in Madrid. Conde pulls out all the stops on these guitars, reserving their best woods, most artistic workmanship and intricate detail for this, their top model. I think every player of Flamenco has a soft spot in their heart for a good Conde, me included. They just have their own ‘vibe’ that is uniquely ‘Conde’ from the look, to the sound, to the feel of the action. Although I have owned many fine guitars including Reyes and Arcangel’s, I had one conde Negra for more than ten years, I just felt so at home with it that it took me years before I was able to eventually part with it. That is how a good Conde feels, like an old comfortable friend, they just sort of get under your skin that way. This Negra is beautifully detailed with intricate ornamentation and very fine woods. The tuners are ‘freewheel tuning machines’ from Germany. The action is the typical liquid action that the best Conde’s are loved for, and the sound is, well, pure ‘Conde’. It has excellent attack and plays precisely and cleanly and I love that even though it is a Negra, which gives it a nice musicality, it is in no way classical sounding and has the quick attack and response of a good Blanca. If you love a good Conde, then you would love this guitar, definitely the ‘pick of the litter’ among Conde fans.

2004 Conde Hermanos "Felipe V"