Matthias Dammann Cedar Double/composite top

Top: Cedar Double/composite top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Graf
Origin: Germany
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This incredible Matthias Dammann Cedar double top was acquired from me by the owner some years ago and he has maintained it in superb near new condition. One minor string mark in the usual location, and couple areas of slightly less shiny areas on the back and that is pretty much it, otherwise near new!

This Dammann is the quintessential Dammann, the sound, voice, power, projection and dynamic range that have created such high demand among the worlds very best players is all here in spades with this particular instrument. Play this for a couple minutes, and you’ll instantly understand what all the fuss is about regarding Dammann’s, they are simply in a class of their own.

The guitar comes in a custom fit Karura carbon fiber case, and boast a fine set of silver Graf tuners which are smooth as silk.

Hold on to your wallet because a Ferrari is more expensive than a ford. But a Ferrari is worth it, and among guitars, this is definitely a Ferrari!

2010 Matthias Dammann Cedar Double/composite top