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2011 Dieter Mueller Cedar/double (composite) top

Top: Cedar double (composite) Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Klaus Scheller
Origin: Germany

Dieter’s guitars have been in demand for many years with clients around the globe and I think when Stephan Schmidt released his stunning Bach Lute Works CD playing a Mueller double top, people really took note of the gorgeous tone, and at that point Dieter’s waiting list really began to grow.

This example of Dieter’s fine work is typical of his lovely double tops, light, responsive, very ‘Dammann-like” in that sense, with solid power and projection and tone like you hear on the Schmidt recordings, well balanced and quite comfortable to play ( the elevated fret board helps in this sense as well).

The guitar is in fine condition with only a very few small and unobjectionable marks, otherwise near new. A lovely playing and sounding double top and several thousand dollars less than a new one would be, plus, no wait!!

2011 Dieter Mueller Cedar/double (composite) top