NEW Dieter Müller Cedar Double Top

Top: Cedar/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Baljak
Origin: German

This superb Dieter Müller cedar double top quickly found a new home, if you are interested in playing on of Dieter’s fine double tops please contact me…

With the outstanding success of Dieter’s last instrument I had high expectations for this new one and as usual Dieter exceeded my expectations. As I’ve noted before Stephan Schmidt plays a Dieter Müller double top, ( as well as a D. Müller ten string on his amazing recordings of Bach Lute Works). Powerful guitars with a precise and musical voice perfect for Bach, well, really perfect for any music.

Dieter has always been inspired by Dammann and uses Nomex in the core of his fine double tops as well, also his instruments like Dammann’s are feather light and highly responsive to the lightest touch, creating an ‘envelop’ of sound that seems to vibrate around the player surrounding him/her with lovely musical voices while at the same time projecting extremely well, and producing welcome volume at the lightest touch.

Dieter uses an elevated fingerboard, a twelve hole tie block, and Baljak tuners for this instrument.

NEW Dieter Müller Cedar Double Top