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NEW Greg Smallman and Sons

Top: Cedar/Lattice braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Australia
After quite a wait, and the usual delays nowadays getting some guitars through CITES and customs, it is finally here!!! A brand new concert instrument from Greg Smallman and Sons. I opened the lovely white Karura case, tuned her up, and let her settle in, anticipating in my mind what she may sound like. After a while I grabbed her during a break in my day and sat down to play through a quick piece. An hour later I realized I was still lost in ‘discovery’ of what this beautiful guitar could do. I have played many many Smallman, and while I mostly love them all, I have been honest when I would run across one now and then,that was not so appealing to me. I can say I am happy to go on record and state that this is an ‘exceptional’ Smallman. I am in love with this one.

Clients often as me if the usual ‘canon-like’ power these guitars possess overpowers the voice and the subtitles of more delicate passages, and if the voice is just loud or is it also beautiful. My answer is, on the best Smallman’s you get both, power and beauty. This is one of those. A lovely, full, rich, enticing voice that, when desired, can be brought forward, or which can linger in the background as the player wishes. In other words powerful and provocative at the same time.

The adjustable action feature is always fun, allowing the player to raise or lower the action easily with the turn of the supplied ‘wrench’ without ever having to remove the strings or put in a new saddle.

This is a Smallman I can highly recommend.

NEW Greg Smallman and Sons