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NEW Jacob Lebisch Spruce Double/composite top

Top: Spruce Double/composite top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany

The word is out, with Dammann’s wait list now all but essentially closed, the best players have for years now flocked to a tiny group of top German double top builders who’s instruments rival Dammann’s. One of those is Jakob Lebisch, who himself is now experiencing a growth in demand for his superb double tops that has his wait list approaching 10 years now.

So it is very exciting for me to offer this absolutely jaw dropping Spruce double top from Jakob at this time.

Jakob’s craftsmanship is rivaled by only the finest double top builders in Germany, and they are VERY few indeed. It takes an intuitive artist with some level of ,dare I say, ‘genius’ to fully comprehend and embrace the potential that a supremely built double top is capable of achieving.

Jakob is such a builder, this guitar, as with all his guitars, exhibits exquisitely beautiful tone, stunning power and projection, a dynamic range that pushes the player to their limits and says ‘give me more I can handle it, or take it down to a whisper and I’ll caress you’. This is the kind of instrument that will make you a better player.

Words defy description. I recommend quick action, like Dammann, Brück and Mueller double tops, these tend to get snapped up very quickly.

NEW Jacob Lebisch Spruce Double/composite top