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NEW JC Baxendale ‘OM’

Top: Adirondack Spruce
Back and sides: Mahogany
Nut: 1 3/4”
Scale: 25.4”
Saddle: 2 5/16”
Origin: USA
Price: $6,500 – DUE SOON

With John’s guitars being so in demand, and his effective wait well over a year now, I am really pleased to have this NEW OM arriving very soon, no wait!!

John’s guitars at this point are sort of a ‘well kept secret’ among guitar lovers, but word is getting out, and his renown and wait list are both growing fast. Such is always the way with the best builders. I first noticed John’s guitars when I saw guitar great Mark O’Connor playing one. Then almost as if by some ‘law of attraction’ a person who’s opinion I highly respect told me about this ‘amazing genius of a steel string builder named John Baxendale’.

Well, there was only one way to explore this further, you guessed it, i ordered one for myself. I was not prepared for what he made me. It immediately became my ‘go to ’steel string guitar and I have owned many, and played more, not easily impressed as you know if you have been following my site for the past 25 years. Just blown away with the workmanship, the playability, and most of all the TONE, It was like nothing I had ever heard. In fact he made me a Mahogany and Adi OM just like this one will be, so I know what to expect, it WILL rock your world.

I liked mine so much that I sold several of my other very well known steel strings and asked John to make me a Brazilian and Adi OM as a sister, which I just received and it is amazing in a whole different way, I can not decide which is my favorite. definitely my go to guitars out of all the steel strings I have owned or played including a few nice vintage Martin’s as well.

This Adirondack and Mahogany OM should arrive later in September call with any questions.

And best of all no 1 year plus wait!!

NEW JC Baxendale ‘OM’ed