Robert Ruck “Negra”

Top: 50 year old European Spruce
Back and sides: 40 year old Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

This extraordinary Ruck Negra has found an appreciative new home, if you are interested in owning a fine Ruck Flamenco Negra or Blanca please contact me….

I sold this stunning Ruck Negra to my client in 2012. He is only parting with this guitar because he fell in love with a custom headstock that Ruck does, and so Bob built him a duplicate with the custom headstock he wanted and which he will keep, so he is allowing me to find a new home for this beauty. Robert Ruck is widely respected as one of the finest builders in the world, and while he may be better known perhaps in the Classical world, turns out he is an amazing Flamenco builder on a par with the best builders in Spain. In fact, Robert often goes to Spain to study with Gerardo Nunez, who owns a Ruck Flamenco himself in fact! Bob is an accomplished Flamenco player himself as I have noted in the past and this combination of playing ability and superior luthier ability combine to make his Flamenco guitars among the best available anywhere.

This Negra, is absolutely flawless. Bob used a stunning rosette very reminiscent of one of my favorite rosette’s by Arcangel Fernandez, and he selected some very very old, extraordinary woods for this guitar that he has been carefully curing since he acquired them and which are 40-50 year old sets. Just gorgeous. On top of this Bob’s craftsmanship is standard setting and the guitar is quite simply flawlessly beautiful and every detail is perfectly executed.

The character is very Flamenco and Bob has just the right amount of “Negra” character imbued in this guitar and has woven the voice in such a way that it is musical and rich, but also presents just the right amount of ‘brightness’ in the trebles to keep it lively and clear. Overall balance is spot on and the action is super easy on both hands, a dream to play.

There are many fine builders who build wonderful Blanca’s, but not so many build superb Flamenco sounding and feeling Negra’s. Bob is one who can, and this guitar shows it.

Robert Ruck "Negra"