Dominique Delarue – France

Considered to be the ‘next Daniel Freiderich’ by many, Dominique builds in the South of France and, like Matthias Dammann and other builders, admits that he is strongly inspired by Daniel Friederich. Other well known French builders, and many dealers and players, consider Delarue to be the most likely heir to the Freiderich legacy…

Although I have been hearing great things about Dominque Delarue for quite some time, my most recent contact with one of his guitars is what inspired me to invite him to become a Featured Luthier at Classic Guitars International. I was visiting the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and sat with my host and the guitar department chairman, David Tannenbaum, to watch a master class by Ana Vidovic. One of the students performing began to play, and at first I thought he was playing a Freiderich, so rich was the sound. Before I could say a word, David ( who plays a Freiderich ) leaned over and said “isn’t that a great guitar? Reminds me of a Friederich but it is a Delarue.” I couldn’t have agreed more. I had been in contact with Dominique for over a year, but now I was determined to offer his guitars to my clients. I am happy to report that Dominique agreed and I am looking forward to representing him and his guitars for many years to come.

As noted earlier the guitars of Dominque Delarue are very similar in many ways to those of Daniel Friederich. Dominique, along with other superior builders such as Matthias Dammann, admits he was strongly inspired by Friederich and considers the frequent comparisons of his guitars to those of the Maestro as highly flattering. I am aware of one professional guitarist in France who has the good fortune to have three friederich guitars in his family, and who recommends Delarue guitars to all his students no doubt due to the similarity in sound combined with the relative affordability.

Dominique was originally inspired by the Fleta of his guitar teacher, and then later by Daniel Friederich. He considers his instruments to be somewhat of a blending of the qualities of both of these builders. Although he builds in Spruce, his preference is the warmth, volume, sustain and beauty of Western Red Cedar. He explains “ I strive in my direction towards more projection, more clearness, and of more precision, but without losing the depth and sensuality of the sound….”

Delarue guitars are noted also for exceptional tonal colors and a broad dynamic range with remarkable balance and plenty of power. Besides a ‘Friederich-like” sound, his craftsmanship is elegant and refined. Having been a cabinet maker when very young, his woodworking skills were honed at an early age as evidenced by the delicate and intricate quality of his workmanship. Dominique now builds near one of my favorite areas of France, Aix en Provence, in Saint Chamas.

Please contact me for more information and to ascertain availability of these guitars…