Featured Luthiers

JC Baxendale-USA

Like a vintage steel string guitar on steroids!

Martin Blackwell- Canada

Superb composite (double) top guitars from arguably Canada’s top builder.

Michel Brück - Germany

Double tops combining the tonal beauty of an old Hauser with the power and focus of a fine Dammann…

Gregory Byers - USA

“I have played many concerts with a Byers guitar.” -David Russell

Matthias Dammann - Germany

The ‘holy grail’ of contemporary double top guitars

Dominique Delarue - France

Considered to be the next “Daniel Freiderich” by many…

Jakob Lebisch - Germany

Jakob Lebisch - Germany

Jakob is one of the newest and brightest stars in the German composite (double) top world

Casimiro Lozano – Spain

Casimiro Lozano – Spain

Powerful and refined Composite (Double) Top guitars from Spain

Andrés Marvi - Spain

Modern Spanish masterpieces with captivating qualities, recommended by Robert Ruck..

Claudio Meneghelli - Switzerland

Stunning Romanillos inspired guitars, recommended by Jose and Liam Romanillos!

David Merrin – England

Magnificent Romanillos inspired guitars, recommended by Jose and Liam Romanillos!

Casimiro Lozano – Spain

Dieter Müller – Germany

Superb Dammann inspired German double tops…

Michael O’Leary – Ireland

Lattice bracing meets fan bracing with wonderful results

Kolya Panhuyzen - Germany

Builder of fine concert guitars, played by many artists, for more than 40 years…

Cary Pedicini - Australian

Welcome Australian luthier Cary Pedecini to Classic Guitars International as our newest ‘Featured Luthier’!


The best new ‘old’ guitar around. Vintage look and tone with modern enhancements!

Jim Redgate – Australia

If you could ‘mate’ a Smallman, Fleta and Dammann, the result would be a Redgate…

Liam Romanillos – England

The ultimate in soulful, refined, Spruce guitars in the Romanillos tradition…

Robert Ruck – USA

The ‘Luthiers’ Luthier


Davide Serracini- Italy

Italian elegance in form and function

Philip Woodfield – England

Traditional appearance and tone with lattice braced volume