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JC Baxendale-USA

As I watched the youtube video that came up on my feed a couple years ago, guitar phenom Mark O’Connor was blowing me away with his playing and there was no denying even though the youtube audio that something special was in his hands. I took note. A JC Baxendale guitar. Not long after, as if coordinated by some universal law, a guitar friend with tons of experience who’s opinion I respect said ‘ out of all the guitars I have played, and I have played them all, one of the best kept secrets are the guitars of J C Baxendale, he is a genius and I ordered one for myself’. That’s all it took for me.

After about a 1 1/2 year wait my new custom J C Baxendale Adirondack/Mahogany OM arrived and just opening the case was like a religious experience ha ha, it was just stunning. Already having owned a couple nice vintage Martin’s in the past, and currently owning several of the most respected makers of steel strings in the world already, I expected it to blend in as one of the ‘guys’. Another great guitar to enjoy. I was wrong. Over the next few days the tone, the feel, the playability all just blew me away. So much so that almost overnight it became my ‘go to’ guitar, literally the only one I reached for any more. Yeah, it was that good. I thought it would blow over, it was just ’new guitar’ excitement, but a year later I found myself only playing the Baxendale still, so much so that I sold a couple of the other guitars…and they were GREAT guitars, because they just could not hold up to the Baxendale. In fact I ordered a second one, this time with Brazilian, and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.

John works out of Durango CO and comes from a guitar making background, his father being a well respected builder, and John himself working in the guitar business since 1996 first, like so many fine luthiers, doing repairs, then building his own guitars, and ultimately striking out on his own to open his own shop.

As usual even though his wait list is growing I am fortunate to have a select few slots each year for my clients. Guitars can be customized to your desire, shade top, regular top, scale, model size, trim detail and other custom features are all possible, so you can create the guitar of your dreams. He even worked with me to have a heel block scrimshaw of my favorite dog on my guitar!

Contact me for deposit info, pricing, and estimated delivery times. You’ll be glad you did.