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Cary Pedicini

Australian luthier Cary Pedicini comes from a musical family, his mother being a Soprano and his uncle the principle violinist in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for many years. Cary himself studied Classical Guitar as he progressed in his former career as an industrial designer. Hearing the fabled John Williams in concert set him on the path to building classical guitars, beginning with learning the art of French Polishing while working in his early years at a premier antique importer in Melbourne.

Fast forward to the present and Cary has been working for years with the encouragement and guidance of well respected Australian luthier Richard Howell, and he has simultaneously been working to refine his vision of what a fine double top should be.

Cary would visit me from time to time in Santa Barbara and we would talk in detail about building double tops, and woods, and sound and much more. Sometimes he would bring a recent guitar for me to review, and we would go over it inside and out and discuss details, which he would then return to Australia and work on not only in his own shop, but also with the opinion and guidance from his friend Richard Howell.

During a recent visit to me he brought a new Spruce Double top and it represented the culmination of his efforts to create a refined and beautiful sounding double top. I was so impressed that I invited him to join the elite selection of the worlds best builders as one of our ‘featured luthiers’, and I am glad he accepted.

I look forward to placing his instruments with many clients in the coming years.