2018 Collings OM 1 A “Traditional series”

Top: Torrefied Adirondack Spruce
Back and sides; Mahogany
Origin: USA

The Collings Traditional model are constructed of specially selected woods at Collings and are built to provide that ‘pre war’ tone so many love in vintage steel strings, they have a thinner than usual lacquer finish, pre war style scalloped X braces with no tongue brace, and are constructed with ‘animal protein glue’ a modern fish based glue very similar to the old hide glues. They also come with custom cases made at Collings which alone cost almost $1,000. The Adirondack spruce has been ’torrefied’ baked in a vacuum which has the same effect as aging the guitar for many years by crystalizing the wood structure and removing moisture, just like the natural aging process only quicker.

Superb balance, warm rounded highs and nice low mids , great clarity, superb flat pickers.

2018 Collings OM 1 A  "Traditional series"