2018 Collings OM 1 AT

Top: Torrefied Adirondack Spruce
Back and Sides: Mahogany
14 fret
1 3/4” nut 2 5/16 saddle
Origin: USA

This is one of the best sounding and playing Collings OM you will find. It has been nicely played in, good balance, good volume, plays super easy. The guitar is in ’near new’ condition, if there are a couple small marks here and there they are so hard to see I could not easily locate them, very clean. McCabes in Santa Monica has installed a K and K pure mini that is brand new, and they also installed the strap button for the neck, so she is ready to gig with right now.

The Collings Traditional series uses a Torrefied Adirondack Spruce top which especially one played in a couple years sounds much older and richer than any new non torrefied guitar. They also use animal protein glue and other refinements to mimic the great old pre war Martin building style and materials, and with great success. The classic Adi/Hog set up is perfect for bluegrass of course. ‘=

The guitar comes with the highly sought after custom hand made Collings guitar case, specifically made for this OM size, a light, sturdy, and beautiful case. Since Collings stopped building these cases guitar owners of all makes have been seeking them out to store their instruments and sold alone these cases cost $1,000 if you can find one!

A clean, great sounding Vintage inspired OM with a hand made case and K and K pure mini, ready for the Jam Circle…

2018 Collings OM 1 AT