What steel string lover has not dreamt of owning a vintage Pre War guitar? Our ears hear Clarence White, Norman Blake, Tony Rice and others and that is the sound we want. Trouble is, those guitars are now selling for up to $200,000! That leaves it just a dream for most of us mere mortals.

Cue Wes Lambe and Ben Maschal to the rescue! Wes and Ben created Pre War Guitar Company and based their designs on careful study of ‘certain’ guitars of the 1930’s that are revered by players. They have succeeded in not only capturing ’that sound’ but also the look, feel and ‘vibe’ of a true vintage instrument.

Their instruments all look vintage, with a perfectly crafted ‘age checked finish’ that makes you swear you are holding a guitar from the 30’s, and you can choose if you want your guitar to look ‘old but hardly played’ all the way up to a guitar that looks like Willy Neslon’s Road Warrior, it is up to you.

They make Dreadnoughts, OM, 00, 0 all with Torrefied Adirondack Spruce tops, and the back and sides can be of Old Growth Indian Rosewood, Granadillo, Mahogany, or Brazilian Rosewood.

These guitars sound great from day one, the best ‘old’ new guitar you’ll own..Just magical. Join the legions of player fans like Molly Tuttle, David Grier, and Tommy Emmanuel and so many others who rave about these guitars.

We welcome Ben and Wes and the Pre War Guitar Company as Featured Luthiers here at Classic Guitars International.