1988 Daniel Friederich Cedar/fan braced

Top: Cedar/Fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Origin: France

I often am asked ‘of all the fan braced guitars you have seen over the past 30 years what is your favorite spruce fan braced? And what is your favorite Cedar fan braced?’. My answer comes easily. Spruce fan braced? Jose and Liam Romanillos! Cedar fan braced? Daniel Freiderich no contest!

I LOVE Friederich guitars, but especially the Cedar ones for some reason, they just sound so rich and elegant and warm and, well, ’noble’.

This is an extremely nice Friederich, one that a connoisseur of Friederich’s, someone who may own more than one, would play and say ’now this is a great Friederich’.

The action is comfortable on both hands, and she has lovely responsive basses and clear round melodic trebles, with a voice that is rich and warm, yet clear and melodic all at once, and, as an extra little surprise, she has perhaps more volume than most Friederich’s.

She has been well cared for with no cracks, and the current owner had the original polish ‘buffed’ to a shine so that it looks nearly new, and added Rodgers tuners which are a delight as always, and also had new frets installed.

A dream guitar, truly.

1988 Daniel Friederich Cedar/fan braced