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2004 Daniel Friederich Cedar/fan braced solid top

Top: Cedar/fan braced solid top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: France

Very similar to the near new 2011 Friederich I had the pleasure of representing a few weeks ago, this 2004 Friederich is also in near new condition, having only a small string ding below the tie block in the usual place and a couple other light marks, otherwise 100% original near new and just beautiful! What a joy to see these fine irreplaceable guitars treated so well by their owners.

The tone is exquisite, refined, expressive just pure ‘Friederich’, nothing really needs to be said its sublime. And, as with many of his later guitars, the volume is surprising, I mean really not what you might expect level of ’surprising’.

This instrument has lovely Rodgers tuners and exquisite Rosewood back and sides, top quality woods all over with his usual much loved carved headstock. Also comes in a Karura carbon fiber case.

Friederich lovers, here is your guitar….

2004 Daniel Friederich Cedar/fan braced solid top