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2007 Philip Woodfield “Lattice”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: England

I have had the pleasure of offering Philips beautiful guitars for many many years now, and am pleased that artists such as Scott Tennant of the LA Guitar Quartet play a Woodfield guitar. They are not only beautiful sounding and powerful enough for concerts, but they are also tasteful works of art. This super clean Spruce/lattice braced model was purchased new from me by me client in 2007 and was well cared for. Trebles are colorful and expressive, Basses are rich and deep especially for a Spruce, due to the lattice design the guitar also enjoys excellent power and projection as well. The sound port is a nice feature and the wood cap fits so well when it is on you almost don’t know a sound port is even present. 20th half fret too! Super guitar…

2017 Philip Woodfield "Lattice”