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2007 Thomas Humphrey “Millennium” Spruce/lattice braced

Top: Spruce/Lattice Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA

People love their Millennium guitars so much that I rarely have them in the shop. I was lucky to have one, coincidentally another 2007, last year, which was a real treat, lovely Millennium. As you have read here many times, I was the only dealer Tom ever trusted enough to work with and we collaborated for many years until his passing. Great guy, great builder.

His guitars from all years are interesting, and in his early years he experimented a lot, sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. But he found his magic sauce in 2004 and always felt that from that point on his built the best and most consistent guitars of his career.

So many time when Tom was building, a box would show up at my shop, and I would open it like a kid at Christmas time, who wouldn’t right? Lifting open the ‘crocodile skin’ cases Tom always used would reveal a gleaming new Millennium just days out of the shop. Often Tom would use my personal favorite combination of finishes, lacquer back and sides and French polish top. So it was a wonderfully nostalgic moment for me to open this ‘crocodile skin’ case and see inside a perfectly preserved like new Humphrey Millennium in pristine condition. I was only able upon very close inspection to find one single barely noticeable string mark down below the bridge.Otherwise, when I opened the case it felt like a flashback, like ‘another new Millennium’ had just arrived, it felt like Tom sent it from the shop just yesterday. Flipping it over I see that it is Rosewood and also that the finish is my favorite combo, lacquer back and sides and French Polished Top.

The sound is what Humphrey lovers expect, rich basses, powerful, focused trebles with clear separation of voices and not a lot of overtones, very balanced with excellent projection. Tom used to explain to me that he considered ‘volume’ just ‘loud’ but ‘projection’ mattered more because that referred to how well the notes stayed together as they floated out into the audience. He prized ‘projection’ more than just volume.

Great like new Millennium.

2007 Thomas Humphrey “Millennium” Spruce/lattice braced