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2008 Liam Romanillos

Top: Very old aged Spruce/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Very old aged Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Graf
Origin: England

Liam’s guitars are renowned the world over as equals in every way to the guitars of his father. Little surprise there. Trained extensively by his father in his youth, and then cultivating what he learned as a world class accomplished builder himself, he has risen to the pinnacle of Spruce fan braced guitar builders. My personal favorite Spruce fan braced guitars in the world, bar none, and I have had the good fortune to play them all. Add to this that Liam uses the exact same woods harvested by his father 40 years ago which have been curing and aging all this time in his shop, and this then allows for the combination of the world renowned Romanillos building quality with some of the finest old aged Spruce and Rosewood being used in the guitar world today. A powerful and magical combination.

This guitar, in like new condition, easily confirms why Liam’s list stretches many years into the future. How do you put into words what a Romanillos sounds like? Choir of Angels? A symphony of sounds emanating from a single guitar? An extension of your very soul? Sound like exaggerations? Perhaps you have not had the pleasure of playing a Romanillos.

A lovely like new example of Liam’s etherial and much sought after guitars, this guitar is enhanced further by the flawless set of fine Graf tuners, and protected perfectly in a strong but lightweight carbon fiber Karura case.


2009 Michel Brück/Cedar/Double Top