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2008 Manuel Contreras “10th Anniversary” model ‘Premium series’

Top: Cedar/fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

This is the ‘10th Anniversary’ Model made by Manuel Contreras ll, and it was this model that won the first place prize at the Joaquin Rodrigo competition in 2000. This instrument is also the ‘premium series’ which Contreras reportedly saves his very best woods for and adorns the guitar with tasteful and elegant details throughout. Searching around the web I saw one listed for $30,000.

This guitar is in near new condition as well with only 2 minor marks, both on the top, otherwise like new. The guitar has a rather solid feel and heft to it, no doubt due to the inner back support which is intended to all the back to move freely with no damping from the players body.

The guitar has superb volume and balance and a voice with characteristic Spanish mystique, an elegant and unique Concert level guitar from Spain.

2008 Manuel Contreras "10th Anniversary” model ‘Premium series'