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2010 Michel Brück

Top: Cedar/Double (composite) top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany

I have had the good fortune to see/hear/sell more double top guitars than anybody on the planet as you have heard me say before. In my opinion you can count on one hand the ‘best in the world’ builders regarding the challenging skills needed to make a fine, world class, double top. Michel Brück is in that very select group.

Michel has a 10 year wait now, and it is well worth the wait for his new instruments, his guitars are simply incredible. This guitar, from 2010, is in great condition with only a few noticeable playing/use marks and the usual string ding below the tie block at the first string (please use bridge bibs folks!!) otherwise in fine condition with no cracks or repairs and lovely Rosewood on the back too.

This is a very lovely example of his work, which I have always described as “a Hauser ll on steroids’ as if you mated a Hauser ll with a Dammann perhaps. Very responsive, super easy to play, and only a fraction of what his guitars sell for new, really the best of all worlds just a great Brück….

2010 Michel Bruck