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2012 Edmund Blochinger “Llobet Model”

2012 Edmund Blochinger “Llobet Model”
Top; Spruce/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Although Blochinger has always been aligned with one of my friendly competitors, I have always found his guitars to be of superb quality in terms of sound and craftsmanship and so am pleased to offer this pristine ‘as new’ example in my shop. I understand he has a long wait list and that new versions of this guitar sell for thousands more than this one, so this is an excellent opportunity for a BLochinger fan to acquire essentially a new Llobet Model guitar at a price well below current new guitar prices. This model is his interpretation of the 1859 Torres played by Miguel Llobet.
The workmanship is first rate, lovely artistic clean and precise a beautiful instrument by any standard. The guitar plays very comfortably especially regarding the left hand and the slightly smaller body size while adding to the comfort of playing, in no way diminishes its rather surprising volume, a nod to Miguel Rodgriquez guitars which influenced Blochinger it is said. The voice is clear and crystalline yet warm and the trebles are particularly notable in this way.
A lovely guitar by any measure….
2012 Edmund Blochinger “Llobet Model”