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2014 Jim Redgate Spruce/Double Top ’short scale’

Top: Spruce double/composite top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Australia
I am always amazed after being Jim Redgate’s exclusive world wide dealer for more than 20 years, how seldom any of my clients sell their guitars. Maybe I get one pre owned Redgate per year, not many. So I am very excited to offer one of my personal favorite combinations of Jim’s highly respected and much loved guitars: A Spruce Double Top.
The guitar is in pristine ‘as new’ condition, looks like it is just off Jim’s work bench. The top is incredible spruce, back and sides are stunning Rosewood, and the tuners are custom Graf ‘Ana Vidovic’ models. Add to this a comfortable and functional arm rest, twelve hole tie block, and elevated fret board, and capped by Jim’s own headstock carving unique to his double tops, and you have an exceptional opportunity to essentially acquire a ’new’ Redgate without the multi year wait! Available immediately!
I love Spruce double tops, and this exemplifies why. Strong clear multi-colored voice that is warm and rich and not at all brittle or bright as some Spruce guitars can be. The shape of Jim’s necks, combined with the 640 scale make this incredibly easy to play as well.
2014 Jim Redgate Spruce/Double Top ’Short scale'