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2018 John Price cedar/lattice braced

Top: Cedar/lattice braced
Back and sides: Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia

This is a ’near’ new John Price, a respected builder in Australia who builds in a similar style as Redgate and Smallman, probably closer to Smallman, with the heavier parabolic arched multi layer back and sides and the responsive cedar top supported by lattice bracing.

The guitar has exotic Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle back and sides, which trust me, is even more stunning in person than in the photos as you shimmer it back and forth in the light and watch the stunning grain patterns shift and play before your eyes. Lovely wood.

She has the volume and voice we have all come to enjoy from the Australian school, a very solid and nice substitute for a Redgate or Smallman if you don’t have either the time to wait for one of those, or they don’t quite fit your budget at this time. Ample volume, very pleasing voice, comfortable action, a very very nice lattice guitar from Down Under in almost new condition with the only minor exception being 3/4 light nail marks above the 6th string near sound hole, otherwise presents ‘as new’.

2018 John Price cedar/lattice braced