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2018 Stephan Connor short scale

Top: Spruce/Lattice Braced
Back and sides: Flame Maple
Scale: 640mm
Origin: USA

A number of respected players play or have owned Connor guitars, and this guitar exemplifies why. The interlocking ‘lattice like’ bracing system Connor has evolved provides a powerful and dynamic voice and a guitar that is very responsive as well. I like the Spruce voice this guitar has, some lattice Spruce guitars can be a bit harsh, but this is lovely. I think the Flame Maple back and sides, as well as the sound port, which can be easily and quickly opened or closed either all the way or partially due to his magnate system, just add to the beauty of the character of this instrument.

The guitar is in like new condition and is also a short scale at 640mm which makes it very easy on the left hand.

A lovely guitar in like new condition

2018 Stephan Connor short scale