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NEW Claudio Meneghelli “Hommage to Jose Romanillos”

Top: Spruce/Fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Switzerland
SOLD, but I am fortunate that a duplicate is to arrive this year, please contact me for details…

I am fortunate to be the only authorized dealer for Romanillos guitars, an honor I have enjoyed for many years. Those of you who have been following my shop for the past 25 years know that I consider Romanillos guitar, by both Jose and Liam, to be the finest spruce fan braced guitars in the world. There is quite literally nothing else like them. After playing so many of them, for so many years I have developed an intimate understanding of these fine guitars.

So when Jose and Liam told me years ago that of all the luthiers who studied with them, that the first ( and there are only two) luthier that they felt compelled to ‘endorse’ would be Claudio Meneghelli I could not wait to see what kind of guitar this man was building to earn such praise from the very best spruce fan braced builders alive. The first guitar immediately made it clear why they had chosen Claudio over all others for this honor. You can read a bit more about this here

This guitar is a very special one. It is the closest to a Romanillos in look, feel, and sound as I have ever had in my shop. I see a lot of new Romanillos over the years and when I opened the case if I did not know it was from Claudio I would instantly have said ‘ah a lovely new Romanillos’. You literally need to look at the label to be sure it is not actually a Romanillos, the headstock work, the iconic Rosette, the colors and shape it ‘is’ a Romanillos. The label reads “Homenaje a Jose Luis Romanillos’, and it is exactly that. A Romanillos in every way.

When I played her for the first time, I closed my eyes and just listened and I heard a new Romanillos in essence. She has the same feel as a Romanillos, even the neck feels like a Romanillos, the sound reminds me so much of what is loved about Romanillos guitars, that ’something’ that eludes the written word and which speaks only to your soul. Absolutely divine.

If you have always dreamed of playing a Romanillos but the 20 year wait, and perhaps the well deserved price, have prevented you from realizing that dream, this guitar by Claudio may be the perfect answer.

This is as close as you will ever get to a Romanillos.

She has fine Gotoh tuners and a hard case as well and there are two saddles, a higher one and in the case is a lower one if desired or if climate dictates its use.

NEW Claudio Meneghelli “Hommage to Jose Romanillos”