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NEW Dieter Müller Cedar/Composite/double top

Top: Cedar composite/double top
Back and sides: Ziricote
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Price: $14,950

I had the pleasure of visiting with Dieter here in Santa Barbara when this guitar was delivered, I have not been able to sit face to face and chat with Dieter since the last time I was in Germany so it was fantastic to just sit around and talk about guitars. Dieter made a special guitar this time, and literally moved the needle even higher than the high level it was already at in terms of beauty and tone. Always refining, always striving, Dieter created this with ‘no limits’, only his very finest woods and very best efforts and he succeeded in rare form.

He selected some stunning Ziricote, one of my favorite woods, for the back and sides, and lined it on the inside with a very thin layer of Mahogany. It is the most beautiful guitar of his that I have had the pleasure to offer. For the top he selected some superb cedar, very light, and created a wondrous composite/double top in the process.

The trebles are thick and round, with deep basses, and the guitar allows notes to fly off the strings due to the excellent response and very light touch needed to create a note. Of course it has the volume and projection we expect from a fine double top. While it would be fair to say it is very ‘Dammann like’ in its characteristics, it is nonetheless a Dieter Müller guitar and reflects Dieter’s interpretation of tone and character. Absolutely lovely voice.

If you have heard Dieter’s double tops, maybe Stephan Schmidt’s recordings of the Back Lute Works perhaps, you know why his double tops are so in demand.

2009 Michel Brück/Cedar/Double Top