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NEW Jakob Lebisch/Spruce double top

Top: Spruce double/composite top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Klaus Scheller
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany

I have had to good fortune to play more double tops from the finest builders than anybody in the world. I have played and sold many many double tops, over a period of many many years, created by Dammann, Brück, Redgate, D. Müller, Kirschner, Lozano and others. So it takes a lot to exceed my expectations as you can imagine.
So when I say this guitar by Jakob is one of a handful, a very very few, that I would designate as ‘one of the best Spruce double tops I have ever heard’. Those of you who have spoken to me about double tops know I love the Cedar ones, but my personal favorites are Spruce double tops. Double tops are challenging to build well, that is why there are so few double top builders with 10 plus year waiting lists, there just are not a lot of top level double top builders in the world, truly ‘best of the best’ caliber. But Spruce double tops are the most challenging of all, and even a really good cedar double top builder, may not be able to make a truly great Spruce double top, it seems to be a skill all of its own.
This Spruce double top is flawless, the tone is rich and melodic and full of colors, rich and warm not at all ‘brittle’ or ‘thin’, both basses and trebles are clear, expressive, round and powerful. The guitar feels nearly ‘alive’ as the notes seem to release from the string almost as you think about them, barely any touch required. 
With Jakob’s list now in the 10 year range, it is an exceptional opportunity to own one of his superb double tops right now.
I would make this comment. If you don’t love this Spruce double top, you’ll never love ‘any’ Spruce double top.
NEW Jakob Lebisch/Spruce double top for sale