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NEW Jose Antonio Lagunar modified lattice braced system

Top: Modified lattice braced system
Back and sides: Spalted Maple
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

Lagunar was the head builder at Contreras for decades, and in fact when Contreras passed away he continued as the only builder in the Contreras shop until 2015 when he ventured out on his own. If you have heard or owned a Contreras guitar it is highly likely that it was built by Lagunar. This is his Double Tapa model which not surprisingly is essentially a clone of a Contreras, he calls this his ‘Grand Concierto Model’.

The owner is a client of mine, who bought two new ones, one cedar and one spruce, in Spain and had them sent here, paying $5,400 for each plus shipping etc. When they arrived he decided to keep one, and send the other to me and allow me to sell it at a very low ‘play it forward price’ sort of giving back to the guitar world that he loves. He chose the Cedar one, and so sent this new spruce one to me to allow some lucky owner to acquire it for a fraction of what he just paid. Nice, not quite my ‘free’ play it forward guitars, but darn close thanks to this generous client. Thank you!

NEW Jose Antonio Lagunar spruce/fan braced