NEW Philip Woodfield “Grand Concert ll” Spruce/Lattice

Top: Alpine Spruce
Back and sides: 5,000 year old Cocobolo
Tuners Gotoh 510
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England
SOLD, but another is due early 2021, contact me for details…

Scott Tennant of the LA Guitar Quartet recording with his Woodfield ’Natalie

“Sarah” is a Grand Concert ll model, like Scott Tennant of the LA Guitar Quartet plays, and has Woodfield’s trademark offset soundboard ( see photo ), so that the player views a very familiar traditional height fretboard on the bass side, while the treble side has an elevated fretboard providing excellent access where its needed most.

Phil used 5000 year old Black Oak for the back and sides ( that is not a typo, yes it is 5,000 years old) the tone is unlike anything you have ever heard , literally indescribable. If you have heard Scott play live during the past few years, or listened to his recordings, you understand what the tone is like on this guitar.

Add to all this Phil’s artistic scroll work on the rosette and tie block, and elegant ‘double helix’ design on the back, and you have not only one of the best sounding lattice guitars in the world, but also one of the most beautiful.

A feast for your senses, exquisite art with a divine voice.

NEW Philip Woodfield "Grand Concert ll" Spruce/Lattice

The Grand Concert ll neck looks familiar and traditional to the player when viewing from the bass side, while the treble side is designed to create an elevated fret board providing exceptional access where it is needed most.